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Calcium Ascorbate is a natural form of Vitamin C, which is much more readily absorbed in the blood stream than the other forms of calcium. Importantly, calcium is coupled with Vitamin C to deliver the benefits of both Calcium and Vitamin C.

Chlorella is a potential food source because it is high in protein and other essential nutrients; when dried, it is about 45% protein, 20% fat, 20% carbohydrate, 5% fibre, and 10% minerals and vitamins.

Zinc is believed to be an antioxidant that may protect against accelerated aging of the skin and muscles of the body; studies differ as to its effectiveness. Zinc also helps speed up the healing process after an injury. It is also suspected of being beneficial to the human immune system, and deficiency may be deleterious to virtually all parts of the system.

With 100 mg of Calcium Ascorbate, 100 mg of Chlorella with Zinc and  300 mg of Calcium Lactate; Wonder C helps your body fight against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular diseases, pre-natal health problems, eye diseases and other health threats. Daily intake of Vitamin C, helps in the cell renewal to give you reinvigorated cells for a healthy skin and healthy blood flow. It boosts the body’s defenses which also helps Ignite and transform food into energy for the verve to go on day to day.


  • Protects cells from damage by free radicals
  • Supports a healthy Immune System
  • Helps create collagen, needed for the health of your skin, hair and joints
  • Supports the repair of damaged muscle tissues
  • Helps keep your gums healthy