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Emu Bird is a flightless bird that resembles a small ostrich. Emu oil is taken from the fats of this bird during processing. It is used to make medicine with wonderful skin care benefits. It is proven to be very hypo-allergenic and to have an extremely high purity level that can be used as a moisturizer for treating fine lines and wrinkles, relieves discomfort of pain and inflammation caused by injured tissues and joints, chronic injuries and aids the body at all levels. It has anti- aging effect, a natural treatment for stretch marks, scars, cuts, scrapes, burns, psoriasis and eczema without stinging or burning. Aids in the healing process and a fortifying agent for limp dry hair, helps to eliminate split ends and restores a natural healthy shine to the hair.


  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Helps with Arthritis and Joint Pain
  • Reduces Stretch Marks and Scars
  • Moisturizer
  • Anti-Aging
  • Treat Dandruff
  • Hair Growth
  • Ease Gastrointestinal Distress
  • Minimizes Symptoms of Psoriasis & Eczema
  • Fight Against High Cholesterol Levels & Promotes Heart Health