Purple Life Organic Products Inc., aims to serve every individual by educating them, that no amount of money can equate to a good health. High cost of getting sick is very alarming worldwide. Increasing cost of hospitalization, medical practitioner's professional fees and medicines became a burden to everyone of us.


Purple Life Organic Inc. Aims to serve humanity by educating them that no amount of money can equate to a good health.


It aims to be recognize as the trusted company in providing an innovative products, an inspiration for the people in creating business, an adequate financial return to contribute to the improvement of lives of the individuals.

Corporate Values

God Centered - Any business or endeavour founded on God and His teachings will lead to success
Recognition - Demonstrating an on-going interest in people and their interests and recognizing their contributions
Accountability - We are accountable to each other: our customers, our partners, and our stakeholders
Trust - We believe that trust and respect are essential for team work and unity.
Integrity - We will conduct business in an ethical way and be open, honest and consistent in all client dealing.
Teamwork - Develop the best solutions by working together and utilizing each individual’s experiences to solve problems
Unity - Being united in spirit is a strength. When there is team work and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.
Development - We foster an environment that allows for both personal and professional growth where stakeholders can maximize their full potentatial
Excellence - Practicing the kaizen way of doing small things consistently and with great love as Mother Teresa puts it will result to excellence and lasting success.